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Listen to your body

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Ordinary clinical lab testing compares results against a set scale, and if your levels fall within a range, you might be told that they are ‘normal’, when in fact they might indicate a tendency or shift towards ill-health. You might even feel significantly unwell, but despite your body’s obvious signals, diagnosis might not occur, which can leave a person feeling alone and misunderstood, lacking the help they need to feel great in their own skin.

Functional testing looks at results in greater detail, analysing your levels in the context of prevailing symptoms. It supports and empowers those who wish to listen to their body and take control of their health.

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Meg Kennedy Functional Nutritionist

Healthy and in control

With Meg Kennedy

Functional Testing looks at lab results through the lens of achieving optimal health and preventing disease. It doesn’t stop at ‘okay’, or ‘normal’, but facilitates robust health, helping you understand your own body and what it is trying to tell you. Why settle for ‘normal’ when you can be ‘optimal’?

  • Have your results interpreted by an expert
  • Move from surviving to thriving
  • Hear lifestyle recommendations specifically for you
  • Take advantage of personalised nutrition and supplement advice

Frequently Asked Questions

About Functional Testing

  • Know which test you need?

    If you have been testing yourself for a long period of time and need access to a specific test to have it analysed…


  • My latest blood tests came back as ‘normal’. Why do I need further testing?

    Your doctor has a job to do and a limited time within which to do it. GP practice and hospital tests look for major signs of full-blown serious disease as a matter of priority, but those tests only cover a limited range of measurements. Functional testing enables you to get into the detail of your body and its health needs, assessing you from a preventative angle. If you don’t feel or function well but your doctor says you’re fine, it’s worth listening to your body.

  • What are the benefits of Functional Testing?

    • No guessing – if you haven’t got to the bottom health niggles and symptoms, getting tested could give you the answer and shine a light on the way forward
    • Get to the root of your problems rather than managing symptoms
    • Get answers quickly
    • Personalised programme – it gives personalised actions from your unique tests results so that you can return to optimal health as quickly as possible
    • Measurable results – it provides invaluable knowledge of what is going on in your body and improvements being made
  • Who is an Ideal candidate for Functional Testing?

    Functional Testing is for anyone who really wants to understand their body, its health needs, and get solid, personalised guidance on the right supplements and nutritional choices for them. It is especially helpful for those who feel unwell but can’t identify a cause.

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Your Journey

Your Consultation

Though packages vary, each treatment starts with a 60-minute consultation and full health assessment. Two further consultations will follow, to be used within 12 weeks, incorporating the results of diagnostic testing which can take place in the comfort of your own home.

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Your Treatment

Meg will interpret your diagnostic results in conjunction with the notes taken during your consultation, providing you with personalised lifestyle and nutrition advice. She will even help plan your menu and find inspiration for healthy recipes.

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Get Results

Follow-up appointments can be made ad-hoc to help you continue on the best path to personal wellness. As our bodies change, it’s important to make the necessary adjustments to look after yourself at each stage of life.

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“I met Meg after years of aches and pains (fibromyalgia), chronic headaches, gut issues, PMT and very low energy. I was taking pain relief regularly just to get through my day. Meg knew exactly what I needed to fix my broken body and now I’m pain-free. I haven’t had to take pain relief for so long now and I’ve learned how food is information for the body and mind.  Meg is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her.”

Kathryn, E. Yorkshire

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