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Build On Your Progress

Continued wellbeing and health

Do you sometimes feel you’re doing the right things but still have excess weight, especially around the middle? Do you feel exhausted much of the time, and that every day is an effort? Is it hard to  regulate your mood, or do you get regular brain fog? It takes time to monitor symptoms, perform tests, and get to the root of your issues. The 16 Week Programme is designed to methodically unearth your health concerns and develop a wellness plan that works for you.

The 16 Week Programme is a carefully organised, personalised package to follow on from your initial plan. We will work towards agreed goals with support and accountability to get you to optimal health and the life you envisage for yourself.

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Health Investigation £300
A brief explanation of who package benefits and length of time

  • Your first private session is a 60-minute-deep dive into your health history, current issues, symptoms, food journal analysis and health goals.
  • Prioritise strategies for the next 3-6-12 months.
  • Discuss what type of support will serve you best moving forward.
  • Discuss food, supplements, lifestyle, stress, toxic exposure.
  • Bespoke nutritional advice and a Functional Food Plan to get you started on your journey.
  • Targeted supplement prescription if appropriate.
  • Diagnostic testing recommendations if beneficial.
  • Includes 30-minute follow-up session to create and activate your ideal program.

Gain a new understanding of what might be possible for you.

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Meg Kennedy Functional Nutritionist

Build On Your Foundations

Optimal Health + Price

This package gives more time for chronic conditions, those that want to increase performance, and those looking to ageing well in the future. Our personalised wellness plan looks at resetting and restoring your health while providing you with tools for resilient wellbeing. The programme includes:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Targeted supplements
  • Specialised protocols (for example, hormone, gut healing, or weight loss)
  • Sleep and stress-management advice
  • Lifestyle and environmental advice
  • Functional testing and interpretation (if appropriate)

Frequently Asked Questions

About 1:1 Packages

  • What’s the difference between a Fundamentals and Optimal Health Package?

    Both packages are a deeper dive into your health, building on and refining your initial wellness plan. Resilient health is about balance, and it takes time to properly understand your individual needs and what works for you. With the Optimal Health Package, you get a higher level of support in the form of follow-up meetings or health coaching This package gives us more time to carefully tweak your prescription, helping you move from discovery into the lived experience of wellness.

  • Who is an Ideal candidate for the 1:1 Packages?

    The packages are designed with determined people in mind – people who are trying to make good choices but for any number of reasons find they are slipping. Perhaps you have a certain lifestyle to maintain – you need to stay focussed and productive, and want to look good in the process. I am passionate about working with motivated people, helping them to age well and protect/ optimise their body and brain.

  • Can I drop back into the programme at any time?

    The packages are designed as processes, forming the basis of ongoing communication and helping with wellness. As such, monthly/ bi-monthly follow-up sessions for existing clients are recommended, enabling each person to be able to re-engage with treatment when they need to. This is especially important for clients on hormone or gut supplements. If you haven’t seen Meg for more than a year, your body and needs might have changed significantly, depending on your stage of life, at which point it makes sense to restart the process as a new client.

“I work at an executive level, and I found that I just didn’t trust my decisions anymore. My brain just seemed to stop working and relationships became fractured. I followed all of Meg’s advice, the testing, the diet, supplements, and ways to manage my stress. Meg created a 12-week protocol for me, which after that time had me sleeping better, with fewer mood swings, and the aggression has completely gone. The big one, I had more clarity, and focus and I was back to being my productive self. It pretty much saved my marriage, my career, and helped me find more joy. Thank you, Meg!”

Jo, London

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