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Promote wellbeing at work

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Health and wellbeing is good for employees and employers alike. Taking a flexible approach, Meg will bring all her knowledge to bear, working with you to promote the kind of energetic and positive environment that both serves and gets the best out of your staff.

I am passionate about health and wellness, offering workshops, a pop-up clinic, bespoke (person-by-person) nutrition and supplement advice depending on individual needs, and in-depth health questionnaires to support you and your staff. She will work with you and in line with your policies to promote wellness, empowering everyone in the employer/employee chain.

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Meg Kennedy Functional Nutritionist

Wellness at Work

With Meg Kennedy

Corporate Health is for companies that want to look after their staff while boosting productivity. The process begins with a consultation – Meg will talk with you to assess and understand your company’s needs and agree on a tailored package you feel will benefit your business and your employees. The programme can include:

  • A pop-up clinic for individual staff appointments
  • Lunch and Learn workshops, focussing on agreed topics
  • Nutrition and supplement advice
  • Workshops for women in work
  • Detailed health questionnaires

Frequently Asked Questions

About Corporate Health

  • What are the benefits of Corporate Health?

    Corporate health is for both employer and employee, providing benefits for both with no downside:

    • Employee wellbeing
    • Positive health habits and outcomes
    • Boosting productivity, engagement, and performance
    • Reduced sick leave
    • Reduced cost to employers for sickness/stress
    • Supporting more rapid and full recovery from illness
    • Can be delivered both online and in-person
    • Help with policy writing
  • What does the Corporate Health programme cost?

    I will work with you within your budget, offering and putting together options to meet your needs. Every company is different, and each programme is tailored accordingly.

  • What kind of topics can be covered in the Lunch and Learn workshops?

    I can talk about whatever aspect of wellness you feel your business needs. Previous workshops have included:

    • Women in Business
    • How to boost productivity and performance with food and healthy habits
    • Start your day right with healthy breakfast recipes
    • How to make a satisfying and healthy smoothie
    • How to stop snacking
    • How to build a lunch that lasts until dinner time
  • What are the benefits of a pop-up clinic?

    The most obvious, consistent benefit of pop-up clinics is the well-being of individual members of staff. My passion for and knowledge of functional medicine allows me to assess each person’s needs and offer bespoke advice for health and wellness. In addition, attendees will have access to:

    • Supplement recommendations
    • Testing recommendations
    • Useful handouts and healthy recipes
    • 10% discount on supplements
    • 10% off additional consultations

Your Journey

Your Consultation

Though packages vary, each treatment starts with a 60-minute consultation and full health assessment. Two further consultations will follow, to be used within 12 weeks, incorporating the results of diagnostic testing which can take place in the comfort of your own home.

Your Treatment

Meg will interpret your diagnostic results in conjunction with the notes taken during your consultation, providing you with personalised lifestyle and nutrition advice. She will even help plan your menu and find inspiration for healthy recipes.


Follow-up appointments can be made ad-hoc to help you continue on the best path to personal wellness. As our bodies change, it’s important to make the necessary adjustments to look after yourself at each stage of life.

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    “I work at an executive level, and I found that I just didn’t trust my decisions anymore. My brain just seemed to stop working and relationships became fractured. I followed all of Meg’s advice, the testing, the diet, supplements, and ways to manage my stress. Meg created a 12-week protocol for me, which after that time had me sleeping better, with fewer mood swings, and the aggression has completely gone. The big one, I had more clarity, and focus and I was back to being my productive self. It pretty much saved my marriage, my career, and helped me find more joy. Thank you, Meg!”

    Jo, London

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