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Every Client is Unique

It all starts with consultation

A New Patient Consultation is your chance to be heard. One of the key principles of functional medicine is that each person is unique and that effective treatment considers every aspect of health and lifestyle, from diet to genetics to medical history.

During your New Client Consultation, which can take place in person or over Zoom, I will make a careful assessment of your health, background, and goals, and advise you on my initial findings. I will seek to understand which bodily system appears to need support. The consultation allows me to develop an initial treatment plan and advise what future support/ support package would be most beneficial, just for you.

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Meg Kennedy Functional Nutritionist

Make Effective Plans for Health

Western clinical practices can sometimes fall into a simplistic mindset, where one condition/symptom has a single cause and a single solution. That’s fine if you’ve broken a bone, but when it comes to the maintenance of robust health, taking a holistic view of a person’s needs and wellbeing is far more effective. This principle lies at the heart of Functional Medicine and what it can do for you.

  • Be listened to by a Functional Medicine & Nutrition expert
  • Have your individual needs assessed
  • Your medical history is taken into account
  • Understand the importance of lifestyle and nutrition
  • Get tailored advice just for you

Frequently Asked Questions

About New Client Consultations

  • Do I have to commit to a programme or treatment?

    Functional Medicine requires commitment from the client. It isn’t a quick fix; it is a robust approach to health from every angle. I am upfront and honest, ensuring that every client I treat is committed to improving their health. There’s no obligation or pressure to commit to a programme.

  • What will you take into account during my consultation?

    During the consultation we will look at:


    • Your symptoms
    • Your medical history (including family history)
    • Any prior lab testing
    • Your current nutrition and lifestyle
    • The levels of stress you are under.

    Taking the above into account, we will discuss your health goals, what you have tried, and any difficulties you have experienced previously. I will explain my initial thoughts, identify any bodily systems which appear to need support and suggest a plan for follow up.

  • What happens after my consultation?

    After the consultation you will receive the following:

    • Analysis of health and prescription – a breakdown of which bodily systems need to be focused on, and any areas for optimisation, along with a suggested plan of action
    • Bespoke nutritional advice and a Functional Food Plan to get you started on your journey
    • Lifestyle recommendations, including sleep and stress management
    • Targeted supplement prescription if appropriate
    • Diagnostic testing recommendations if beneficial
    • Further reading appropriate to your conditions and goals
  • How should I prepare for my consultation?

    You will be asked to complete a comprehensive Functional Medicine Analysis (FMA), which includes separate questionnaires about your health, medical symptoms, nutrition and lifestyle. The FMA is thorough, taking 90-120 minutes to complete, and I request that this be returned at least 72 in advance of your consultation so I can consider you and your needs in advance. You can upload pictures of medication and any supplements you are taking, and also attach any tests or medical letters you would like me to consider during your session.

Your Journey

Initial Consultation

Though packages vary, each treatment starts with a 60-minute consultation and full health assessment. Two further consultations will follow, to be used within 12 weeks, incorporating the results of diagnostic testing which can take place in the comfort of your own home.

Wellness Plan

Meg will interpret your diagnostic results in conjunction with the notes taken during your consultation, providing you with personalised lifestyle and nutrition advice. She will even help plan your menu and find inspiration for healthy recipes.

Get Results

Follow-up appointments can be made ad-hoc to help you continue on the best path to personal wellness. As our bodies change, it’s important to make the necessary adjustments to look after yourself at each stage of life.

I’m so happy!!

“I met Meg after years of aches and pains (fibromyalgia), chronic headaches, gut issues, PMT and very low energy. I was taking pain relief regularly just to get through my day. Meg knew exactly what I needed to fix my broken body and now I’m pain-free. I haven’t had to take pain relief for so long now and I’ve learned how food is information for the body and mind.  Meg is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her.”

Kathryn, E. Yorkshire

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