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Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Hi, I’m Meg…

I work with Women who want to age well, unlock their potential, and achieve optimal wellness for body and mind.


In a world that often prioritises productivity over self-care, it’s easy for your health to take a backseat. But… what if there was a way to optimize your health, so you can feel your best and conquer your goals?

Functional medicine and nutrition may just be the missing puzzle pieces you need to unlock your body’s full potential and achieve optimal health.

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or simply not your best? Perhaps you’ve been experiencing mood swings, irregular periods, bloating, and fatigue that are taking a toll on your quality of life. Or maybe you’re struggling with stubborn weight gain that doesn’t seem to budge, no matter how much you exercise or diet.

If this is you, it’s time to act…

Let me help you unlock your body’s full potential and achieve optimal health. Whether you’re dealing with hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, chronic illness, or simply want to improve your overall well-being… I’m here to help you thrive.

Imagine waking up with more energy, glowing skin, and a clear mind… Feeling strong and ready to take on the day.

It’s all within reach!

My services are designed to help women of all ages to overcome their health challenges and unlock their body’s full potential. I use science-backed nutrition strategies and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to create treatment plans tailored to your unique needs.

Take the first step towards optimal health and wellness by booking a personalized health assessment today. I offer a range of packages to suit your needs and budget, including functional testing, nutrigenomics testing, IV therapy, and ongoing support.

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Functional Nutrition

Learn and embrace the lifestyle, diet, and supplements that will promote and maintain wellness.

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New Client Consultation

Meg’s in-depth approach ensures she captures all the information she needs to create a personalised pathway to wellness for you.

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“I met Meg after years of aches and pains (fibromyalgia), chronic headaches, gut issues, PMT and very low energy. I was taking pain relief regularly just to get through my day. Meg knew exactly what I needed to fix my broken body and now I’m pain-free. I haven’t had to take pain relief for so long now and I’ve learned how food is information for the body and mind.  Meg is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her.”

Kathryn, E. Yorkshire

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